A freak on a leash



me during the whole month of october 

me all year long


Rosie Perez on Soul Train 1980s

I watch Rosie dancing when i need strength

"   If I’m a woman and I’m sucking somebody’s dick in a car and they’re coming in my mouth and we could be in one of those milk commercials or whatever, is that liberatory?” hooks asked. “Or is it part of the tropes of the existing, imperialist, white supremacist, patriarchal capitalist structure of female sexuality?   "

-bell hooks via http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/10/bell-hooks-was-bored-by-anaconda.html?mid=facebook_nymag

hooks is throwing a lot of curve-balls here

My whole life

has been an extended Anne of Green Gables cosplay